Are you a new to Shopify? Just pick a theme from Shopify, send us your content and our Shopify experts will do the rest for you.

Starting at £500, our Shopify Setup Experts will help launch your store. Basic tasks are included in our setup packages. Get your e-commerce website online quickly and easily with our simple set up.

  • We help you choose your theme
  • Set up your domain name
  • Set up your preferred payment system
  • Create 2 static pages  such as about, contact.
  • Install up to 10 products and set up your pricing options.
  • Set up your company blog and add a sample post
  • Launch your site

Domain setup

  • We connect your custom website address to your Shopify store.
  • Configure your store so that your existing custom domain (URL) replaces your myshopify domain (e.g. →
  • You need an existing custom domain from a third party provider.

Basic theme customization

  • We install your theme and make a few basic customizations to its content or layout.
  • Add  products (with up to 5 variants each) to your Shopify store.

Setup Google Search Console

  • We install Google Search Console on your Shopify store to start tracking your websites health.

Setup Google Analytics

  • We install Google Analytics on your Shopify store to start tracking visits and gain customer insights.
  • Create and install a Google Analytics tracking code on your Shopify store
  • Add your email, as an admin, to the Google Analytics account

Setup Facebook Pixel

  • We install install Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store to start tracking and learning from your visitors.
  • Request collaborator access on Facebook Business Manager
  • Generate a Facebook Pixel
  • Install the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store
  • Configure the Facebook Channel on your Shopify store

Setup Shopify Apps

  • We setup Shopify Apps

Small Shopify Task

Any single Shopify related 1 hour task

  • Activate/remove Shopify theme functionality or design presets
  • Graphic and image edits
  • CSS & Styling issues/changes
  • Menu adjustments
  • Basic app integrations
  • Email popup integrations (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Sumome, + more)
  • Type font and size changes
  • Spacing, padding and alignment corrections
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Facebook audience pixel install
  • Social Media Setup
  • Instagram Feed Integration
  • Any other small graphic or theme fix
  • All 1 hour tasks £50